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Energi Ti

Our favorite titanium road bike offers Shimano 105 Di2 group set. Why to rent Energi Ti?With fully integrated ...

Orbea Gain D50 E-Road Bike

Introducing the Orbea Gain D50 e-road bike, your ultimate companion for conquering Mont Ventoux and beyond. Engine ...

Defy Advanced 1

Versatile endurance road bike for all type of roads with smooth riding quality. Why to rent Defy Advanced 1? ...

Langma Advanced 2

The Langma Advanced is engineered for aggressive climbing, descending and accelerations. The frame’s slender tubin ...

TCX Advanced Pro 2

Conquer Mont Ventoux with the Giant TCX Advanced Pro 2 2022! Ready to tackle the legendary Mont Ventoux? Our Giant ...

Avail AR 1

Whether it is navigating asphalt or venturing through an unpaved short cut, the Avail AR is smooth on flats, spry ...

Revolt 1

The Giant REVOLT is an aluminum all-rounder with which you can ride on roads, gravel or off-road. A carbon fork pr ...

Energi Ventoux

Coming Soon!Our lightweight road bike with Shimano 105 Di2 12s groupset! Return with KOM and get 50 ...

Energi Elysee

Coming Soon!

Energi Chimera

Coming Soon!

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Test, Customize & Buy

Energi Ti Road Bikes

  • Internal cable routing
  • Light Weight and Stiff
  • 3D Headtube, BB, Dropouts
  • Mechanical & Electronic Shifting
Ride Ventoux

Conquering Mont Ventoux

Mont Ventoux beckons you to conquer its slopes and bask in the glory of your achievement.

For cyclists planning to tackle Mont Ventoux during the scorching summer months, climbing from Sault offers a strategic advantage. The ascent from Sault tends to be cooler compared to other routes, thanks to the higher elevation and forested sections along the way. This makes it the preferred option for those seeking relief from the summer heat while still conquering the legendary mountain.


  • Weather forecast
  • Tyre pressure and brakes
  • Full filled bottles
  • Nutritions
  • Windbraker / Rain Jacket
  • Tail and Headlights
Extra-Ordinary Adventure

Full Moon Ride

"Experience the Extraordinary: Ventoux Adventure

Embark on an unforgettable journey up the Ventoux, where every turn reveals breathtaking vistas and thrilling surprises. Sault offers the longest climb to the summit, winding through picturesque rural landscapes. As we ascend, imagine the moon casting its ethereal glow over the mountain, adding an element of mystery and romance to your adventure.

Join us in exploring the magic of Ventoux by moonlight and transform your riding experience into something truly extraordinary.

Ready for the ride of a lifetime? Join our vibrant community on Strava and be part of the adventure!"


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