Deda RS4 DB


Introducing the Deda Elementi RS4 Disc wheelset, engineered to redefine your riding experience with unparalleled performance and stability. Crafted with precision and innovation, these wheels are designed to excel in a variety of conditions, making them the ideal choice for cyclists seeking uncompromising performance.

Featuring a sleek 38mm profile, the RS4 Disc wheels are optimized to slice through the air with minimal resistance, providing excellent aerodynamics and speed. Thanks to their innovative design, these wheels offer exceptional resistance against lateral wind, ensuring a smooth and stable ride even in challenging conditions.

Equipped with disc brake compatibility, the RS4 wheels deliver superior braking performance and modulation, giving you the confidence to tackle descents with precision and control. Whether you're sprinting for the finish line or navigating technical terrain, these wheels offer the responsiveness and agility you need to conquer any challenge.

With their lightweight construction and durable materials, the Deda Elementi RS4 Disc wheelset is the perfect choice for cyclists who demand uncompromising performance and reliability on every ride.


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