Dr. Dry


The only waterproof coating for stretchable clothing.

✅ Perfect to make your cycling gear, bikepacking bags, tents or other stuff waterproof.
✅ Keeps the breathability of your gear fully intact
✅ Planet friendly and completely biodegradable

Soaked bib-shorts suck, so does an awesome jacket that is no longer waterproof. Finding your clean clothes all wet in your bikepacking bag wet is not great either. Meet Dr. Dry; a planet friendly spray-on coating that can make any textile waterproof. No more soggy bib-shorts after a rainy ride. No more leaking tents or wet bikepacking bags.


Ensure the surface is clean and not washed with softeners or other additives before treating with Dr. Dry. Apply liberally, make sure the surface is soaked. This ensures all fibers are coated with a protective layer. Providing the best results and increasing durability. Let dry for 24 hours before use. Read more here.

The effect of the coating will reduce about 20% per washing cycle. To maximize durability, wash with a mild detergent without softeners or other additives. Reapply Dr. Dry after approximately 5 washing cycles, or sooner if needed.


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